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Research Statement


Below are some of the projects I have worked on during my graduate studies. More recent work coming soon!


Graduate Work


Thesis Project

Robots Teaching Robots:
Heterogeneous Knowledge Sharing

Heterogeneous teams of robots, where each robot has a
different set of perceptual capabilities, that can bridge their
differences and share learned knowledge.

Two Heterogeneous Robots


Other Past Projects

Multi-Agent Robotics
Getting stuff done with lots of robots!

6 Pioneers in a formation

Single-Robot Learning
Adaptive robots through machine learning



Visual SLAM
We investigated use of Visual SLAM in an outdoor environment, in addition to sharing of the resulting topological map among heterogeneous robots. Project webpage is here.

During Fall 2002, Jung Hoon (another graduate student) and I implemented a user interface for teleoperation. It displays hardware information (e.g. battery) as well as communications quality (ping time) and several other features. This work was part of the FCSC project.

Robotic teleoperation interface

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